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Dreamscape (2011)

Description :

Earth was 1000 years ago by an alien race from another dimension, the Greys, who used his technology to mix and foreign human DNA to create a superior race, the hybrids visited. The Grays, they felt that their achievements, has taken a group of hybrids in their dimension and left the rest on the ground. Hybrids quickly turned to their Creator, and was appointed to its size. For fear of the people who came to earth and hybrid Grays disabilities so that they can, in the context of the human race is not aware of what they were really living. To cross hybrids from the human world, to prevent re-enable hybrid neglected, the Greys are recruits a team of spiritual warriors between hybrids and the earth.
Director:Curt Anderson
Cast: Sophie Bolen,Samantha Berends,Ethan Knoth

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